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Shutter Cable N1 for Nikon

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Shutter Cable N1 for Nikon is perfect for using to connect your Canon DSLR cameras to Me Shutter in an Arduino project. One plug connects to Me Shutter Port while the other end connects to the remote control terminal on the camera.



  • Shutter Release Cable for Nikon DSLR cameras
  • Compatible models: F6. F5. F90. F90X. F100.D3.D1/D1H/D1X.D2/D2H/D2X. D3/D3X/D100/D200/D300/D700/D300S/D800
  • Length: 26cm, fully extended to about 60cm


If you have any question about this product or you need technical support, please post it in Makeblock forum.

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